Radiant Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning uses Hot Water Extraction (HWE) commonly know as steam cleaning, the only method recommended by Shaw, Mohawk, and other carpet manufacturers.  Hot water extraction is still the only method that cleans deep into the fibers and remove the embedded soil and pollutants from your carpet.  Using cleaning solution temperature at over 160 degrees, it sanitizes as it cleans. We use pre-treated, pre-softened water that is adjusted to temp according to your carpet. We bring our own soft water into your home, because soft water is better than tap water that is normally used. Soft water will clean better, dry faster, and dry softer because there is NOT as much cleaning residue left at all. Typical drying times are 2-6 hours (more heavily soiled carpets may take longer). Setting the HVAC fan to .On. and turning on ceiling fans also will aid in the drying process. After we steam cleaned the carpet, we also offer Scotchgard carpet protector. Scotchgard is applied to the carpet after cleaning and then worked in with a special carpet groomer that coats the protector evenly throughout the carpet.

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