Unfortunately, cleaning your carpet alone will NOT remove pet odor regardless of the cleaning method used (steam cleaning, dry cleaning, etc). Urine contains salts which do not dissolve in water. When a contaminated area is cleaned, the ammonia in the salts can be reactivated causing it to smell again and sometimes smell even worse. Most failures to successfully remove odor are due to using ineffective chemicals and/or not following proper treatment. Many carpet cleaners treat the areas using deodorizers which do nothing to break down the salts. Often, the odor will return after several days. Sometimes on very mild odors it will be effective but is unlikely. Thoroughly removing pet odor is not an easy or inexpensive process. It often requires expensive cleaning agents and can be time consuming. Pet urine accidents on carpet or upholstery turns into a sticky, oily substance that is nearly impossible for homeowners to remove. Our LEVEL ONE pet treatment service includes our topical treatment that digests and dissolves urine from the surface and deep into the carpet, while our LEVEL TWO service requires us to go even deeper into the carpet and under the surface of the carpet to treat it more aggressively. Our LEVEL 2 treatment will need to be quoted on-site, since it requires more than just a basic topical treatment. Contact us for more information or to set-up an appointment.

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